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Viagra is a unique tablet blue, film-coated. Has no tastes and odor. Is the best remedy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED - inability to achieve full erection. Leads to the fact that the more complicated the achievement of sexual intercourse and orgasm. ED is a disease which spoils the relationship between a man and a woman. The emotional state of men is deteriorating. But there is a solution. It Is Viagra. Viagra is the top 1 of the best and proven remedy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is a proven tool in the pharmaceutical market.

What is cheap Viagra online?

Viagra blue. Shape of a rhombus. Blue or bluish color. The pill is easy enough to break to reduce the dosage.

Viagra is the most well-known drug. There were attempts to create analogues. Such as Cialis, Levitra and other. But Viagra shows itself best on all sides. With the minimal amount of side effects, the best efficiency. Viagra is a proven drug on the market and unique in its quality and the status has not.

The drug Viagra and dosage

The pill should be taken an hour before intercourse. And begins to act in half an hour. Sometimes the appearance of redness of the face or nasal congestion. But is quite rare. An hour Viagra will begin to act most strongly. And within 6 hours will be equally efficient to operate. The optimal dosage of the drug Viagra 50 mg, for a stronger effect, increase dosage to 100 mg. If you feel that the dosage of 50 mg to you is large, you can reduce to 25 mg. Viagra is very easy to break in half. According to this, there is no difficulty to split in half to reduce dosage.


The drug should be stored in a dark place, like any other medicine. Not to take up to 18 years. Gently and with care keep away from children. Do not take the girls because there will be no effect.

How Viagra acts in men? Increases the flow of blood. The penis fills with blood and becomes hard. Some people taking the drug are reported that has achieved this result even in his youth.


Buy Canadian Viagra online

Erectile dysfunction is a problem for many men. Not achieving good sexual intercourse entails emotional and hormonal disruptions. That leads to stress, problems of the body and other serious problems. Good sexual intercourse is to support a healthy body, to develop certain hormone, such as serotonin, melanin and endorphin. Which in plain language are called hormones of happiness. The result of which improves the emotional state. Viagra is not only able to influence the erection during the reception. But also affect the treatment. Thereby cures the erection and the opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse without taking pills Viagra. Sex becomes not only enjoyable, but also becomes more frequent. Because we all know that there should be breaks before I completed the as libido and erection. But Viagra helps to decrease is a temporary condition. And overall health improves.


How does an overdose on the body, medication Viagra

Overdose of any medication that worsens the condition of the body. The recommended daily dosage of 50 mg, 100 mg maximum. At higher mg intake, there is a probability that could be an overdose. In more frequent cases, it is a headache, tachycardia, cardiac pain or bleeding from the nose. We strongly recommend not to take Viagra more than 100 mg per day. So it is not necessary to take the drug with alcohol. Any drug is bad to take with alcohol. If you want to obtain the excellent effect and to achieve a great result, you forget about taking alcohol when you use Viagra.


How to buy Viagra Brand or Generic?

This is a matter which drug you choose. It is necessary initially to understand the difference. The most important difference is the price.

As brand and generic Viagra, both are good drug. All just depends on what calls they made. The brand is on its certified factory and allowed to spread under its trade name. Generic is a complete replica of brand Viagra. Is absolutely identical to the formula and differs only in the packaging. Problem regular pharmacy, they may not sell drugs generic. Only brand. Generics are cheaper, maybe up to 8 times.